Good day wishers.

It’s been a rather hectic month, and I have a convention to attend to soon (Granted I can make it) Anyways, here are some news for this month!

Chapter 3 Coming Soon

I’ve been excited to get to this moment for a very long time. Chapter 2 has been a pretty fun one to see readers react to, and I did get most of the reactions I was expecting from it. Although something from chapter 2 has been nagging me…

Let’s just say that on Chapter 3… we are going BIG

I hope you are all excited.

June hiatus but still posting?

I’ve been thinking about this since March as a matter of fact, but I wanted to be able to take the time and focus for the convention at BLFC, and also because I’ve been wanting to take a short break since I haven’t broke my pace for over a year. (Comics are hard duuude) Especially since Chapter 3 brings something new too.

“Scott you twerpazoid, does this mean you will not submit anything for a month?”

Actually not quite!

People have been asking me more details about starwarriors and how they can create their own. I do have very little notes about the subject, so I think it is time I broadened the concepts up a little bit.

If I do go on a hiatus for a month, I will be posting this kind of stuff so that it’s not all that empty, thus increasing what the readers know about Starwarriors.

A few examples of what I can show

-How the birth and death of a character can affect how their marking color and shape looks

-How their fears and experiences can affect their powers, weapons and elemental affinity.

-How the ranking and power structure of Polaris (The homeworld of the starwarriors) works.

-How the society of starwarriors is.

So there is some interesting stuff to know about so that you can make your own character.

Here is a character made by our reader, PotatoStereo on Twitter who had a ton of questions about Starwarriors just so that he could make his own!

This little ascended Kobold’s name is Faraday I’ve been told! Pretty cool!


So even if there is no pages in June, I can still provide content that is interesting until I can get Chapter 3 sorted out.


Speaking of Polaris, this was what was requested for our bonus page number 4!

Bonus Page 4 – Polaris – The Council Concept

BLFC Convention

The chances of me going are now very high! So if you are going to this convention make sure to find me around, you’ll know I’m going for SURE this May 25th

Image result for blfc logo

BLFC ’17 – United States. Reno, Nevada

June 1st – June 4th

Artist Alley: Approved

Panel: Submission sent

Status: 90% confirmed participation

Future Conventions


Image result for fan expo canada

Fan Expo ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Toronto

August 31st – September 3rd

Status: Considering, but will only be going to have fun.

Image result for canfurence logo

Canfurence ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Ottawa

November 11th – November 13th

Dealer’s Den: Application sent

Panel: Waiting for Openings

Status: Considering

MFF ’17 – Rosemont. IL, Chicago

November 30th – December 3rd

Status: Considering

Lots of cool stuff and things happening at the horizon!

Have a good day, and wish on!