Good day wishers.

This month has been full of surprises for me, I got a surprise Anthrocon registration that I had to do, migrane attacks and surprise new buttons!

Fillers Moved

Fillers will be moving from the main comic and will now be shown around my other art sites and social media, follow any one you like to keep seeing them.

Note: Crossovers I have done will not be considered as filler.

Art Sites:


Social Media:

Discord Chatroom (In Announcements):

Do note that the Lore pages WILL be moved soon to the About page in this site.

In my art sites the comic pages have been removed, so now there is a choice of where to go if you want something.

Main comic? This website or Social Media

Bonus stuff and Fanart? Art sites or Social media.

I will be showing the bonus page of the month here in this news post though as I usually do though.

This month brought a… interesting design for a certain pillow for a certain rat.

Some people have asked if I would actually make them for real… if there is enough interest I MAY consider doing so, haha.

oh god

Going to Anthrocon’17

Turns out I will be going to Anthrocon this year after all, oh my god.

I don’t actually have an artist table because of a few technical issues with the convention, but I know that I can secure a table every day… if  stand in line… for hours…


Image result for anthrocon logo

Anthrocon ’17 – United States. Pittsburgh

June 29th – July 2nd


Setting up store options

Me and Melkyore are working together to setup a store with all the stuff I usually sell at conventions. This is important as well because I do want to make a book of Ezmeralda’s ascension.

Here is just a short list of things I’dd sell:

  • Prints (About 10 different prints)
  • Buttons (Depending of how things go, about 40 different buttons.)
  • Traditional Commissions (About 3 different types of Commissions.)

I was thinking on what else I could sell to you guys through the store, I’ve been trying to think up of an idea of what could be the next best thing… shirts, a book and stickers seem to be about right. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Future Conventions

Image result for fan expo canada

Fan Expo ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Toronto

August 31st – September 3rd

Status: Will just be going for enjoyment, maybe.

Image result for canfurence logo

Canfurence ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Ottawa

November 11th – November 13th

Dealer’s Den: Approved!

Panel: Waiting for Openings

Status: Considering

MFF ’17 – Rosemont. IL, Chicago

November 30th – December 3rd

Dealer’s Den: In Waiting List

Panel: Considering

Status: Considering

Alright, gotta get ready for the convention. (Again)

Have a good day, and wish on!