Boom! New news update. And at good time! The next update is in about 6 more hours.

Now, onto the chase…

Nothing makes me happier than to see my project succeed. It’s a small success, but I plan to build up these small wins like a bunch of legos and make a killer multicolored tower. (It’s going to be biblical) I’m getting more and more incentive to finally just go and get the dreams I want and desire, and I’m glad to feel that I am no longer doubting myself.

We even reached two new goals this month! Fanart showcase + Weekly Livestream!

Fanart showcase makes me the happiest honestly, mostly because I want to show the work of others to my readers so that they may discover new artists too! I mean, look how happy Ezmeralda is about it, she can’t wait.

It may take a few days to set it up, (or maybe it’s really darn simple.) But I’ll make sure your art is displayed!

In terms of Livetsreaming, I have decided that all Livestreams shall happen on Saturdays, there will be no spoilers of the comic, so there is nothing to worry. However, I may sketch out some new character designs which should be interesting to see live.

I did change a few of the stretch goals on patreon however, mostly because I need to start thinking on my life and expenses, so monies have been adjusted. Sorry!


Soooo, most of you might know at this point that I went to Anthrocon this last week, and it was AMAZING.

Ohh what is this?

It’s the entire group I spent Anthrocon with (and others) Most of these people are great friends too. And yes, that is the Dreamkeepers table, it was a pleasure to be able to meet the creators Dave and Liz Lillie in person!

But one thing was for sure…

I was there for the kill.

In all seriousness though, I was pretty much inspired and compelled by most things I saw (especially the artists) and I more or less realized that I really want to push my comic to the next level and make somehing stunning.

So I’m more than inspired to make a bigger project for Starwarriors! What is it you ask? Well, you may have to wait a little longer to know, but this comic used to be a big format comic book and I just remade it to a webcomic. That’s the only hint.

Aside of my intership job ending soon, there are no other big news. But I might just want to have a spot at the next convention for Starwarriors maybe, that’ll be something interesting indeed! What do you guys think?

Starwarriors table at MFF (Midwest FurFest). Yay or nay?


In the meantime I’ll sign off and wonder if these are read anyway.