Hey Everyone! Gettin’ ready for Christmas! (Oh dear god, I can feel the taste of candy cane already.)


Viewer Entitlement is a Poison to Creators.

I have a short article, (I guess it’s more or less some opinions of mine,) about the sense of entitlement. It is true that we still live in a world in where there is injustice in the world, disregard of culture, racism, violence. So there are actual social issues in the world, and as creators we have the power to change these aspects.

The best things about being a creator is having the power to inspire!

Nothing makes me happier than being able to inspire readers or watchers with my art/stories, hell, you can tell by the fanart I’ve recieved from people already.

But what does this have to do with entitlement?

Well, it all boils down to having a balance of creator duty and creator freedom.

Last monday I ran across a post on Tumblr blaming the story “One Punch Man,” (if you don’t know what it is, I’ll tell Saitama to one punch the rock you are living under,) for being mysogynist and homophobic. I made my own opinions about the matter and posted them on my Tumblr as well.  http://starwarriorscomic.tumblr.com/post/133747579984/one-punch-man-the-party-pooper-post  (The post has most of my opinions and because of that I may show my anger, it can be slightly ranty.)

But let me explain one of the arguments briefly:

The person complained that a secondary character in the cast was portrayed like a stereotypical weak female character who is seen as a lunatic who is always saved. This is sadly a superficial statement of the character they were referencing since there are other dimensions within her character that showed the flaws they had to overcome in order to become stronger and their struggles as a character. And the character overcomes issues and finds her own way of doing things. (Even to be smart enough to almost beat the main charcter on her own terms.)

The problem with entitlement these days is that viewers look at oposition with a relateable character and immediately demand these struggles to be REMOVED.

Could you imagine if I did that to Ezmeralda?

Her wounds would be gone because Corvus wouldn’t be able to hit her, her arm would be repaired, she would have been the alpha of her group even if she was a child and she wouldn’t  have been hurt from hunting or have hunted at all as a matter of fact. HORRIBLE.

The funny thing is that people would still complain regardless.

(funny enough, a trigger was what killed Ezmeralda in the first place.)

Removing the struggles of a character or their personalities will make them dull and not alive as you want them to be.


In short: It is okay if you don’t want to view something, I’d rather have a story I wanna tell to a few smart people than a watered down generic story for as many people as possible.

That is the end of my short thing.


Almost One Week Until Midwest FurFest

I will be attending the Chicago convention with my friends!


Yeah, and it’s just about 8-9 days away too! I’m very excited about the convention. I had fun at Anthrocon these past few months, and now that I have more of an understanding of conventions I might try to nab an artist table for myself at the artist alley.

I am not quite sure what I’d sell aside from like drawing stuff for you, but if I can’t think of anything I’ll plan for Anthrocon next year and see what I can sell.

How to locate me at the convention:

-I may be hanging close to the “dreamkeepers” stand at the start of the convention and may hang around the general vicinity of that area.

-I’ll be wearing my signature black hat.

-I always use trackpants.

-I always wear striped sweatshirts.

-I’m a total scrublord.

So as you can see, locating me will be simple. Follow my twitter at @voidslice if you want more updates at where I will be in the convention, I’ll probably post pics with the phone and make updates.


So, what about this comic book that you’ve been writing since August?


Welll I have already made many revisions to the script and I think I’m ready to draft away!

I even bought one of these too get ready.

So it’s mostly just thumbnailing what I’ll end up doing at the very moment. I’ll hopefully begin somewhere around the end of the month.


And that’s the blog post for this day!

Hopefully I didn’t forget to mention anything important!

See you at the convention!