hey wishers.

I’ve finally been able to get in the groove of things, I think.

Solutions to conventions in America

I’ve been thinking a bit more on how I would be able to sell at american conventions… and there are two options.

  1. I was thinking on assigning a friend of mine to sell on my behalf at the convention, having my stuff on display and being able to hand over prints and buttons right there.
  2. The same, except that instead of having the merchandise right and there, it would be written orders that I would ship to people eventually.

They both pose certain issues, but I find out what works best.

Regarding my ban, I still need to consult with a lawyer about it, but not yet since there are a few more important things going on for me now.

Which reminds me, this months bonus comic features a bunch of OC Starwarriors cosplaying as their favourite characters! It took a while to make, but it looks great!


My birthday is this next month.

And I’ll have a few friends over to have fun with yay! As well as to talk about american conventions with Melkyore a little bit and see into a few solutions with my friends too.

Originally I thought I was going to be moving for my birthday, but moving has been delayed quite a bit and I am now thinking more about my schedule since that’s going to be filled now that I have a job.

In any case, September will be VERY interesting.

Future Conventions

Image result for fan expo canada

Fan Expo ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Toronto

August 31st – September 3rd

WON’T BE GOING – busy moment for me there.

Image result for canfurence logo

Canfurence ’17 – Canada. Ontario, Ottawa

November 11th – November 13th

Dealer’s Den: Approved!

Panel: Waiting for Openings

Status: Considering

MFF ’17 – Rosemont. IL, Chicago

November 30th – December 3rd


Status: Looking for someone to sell in my place

Furnal Equinox. Ontario, Toronto

March 16th – March 18th

Dealer’s Den: Waiting for openings

Panel: Waiting for Openings

Status: Going

And that would be about it, not many other news sadly.

Wish on and have a  great day!