Character descriptions here may contain important spoilers! If you are not caught up with Anthrax’s arc (Chapter 4 and onward) it’s recommended that you are up to date with the comic first.

Last updated: February 14th 2021

For first appearance character tagging I don’t count:

  • Cover pages.
  • Short flashbacks.
  • Pages where the character is darkened or a silhouette.
    • Except silhouettes that interact with the main character.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 1 – Calm Flight

Anthrax is red rat Arcane Star Warrior XIV.

Anthrax used to be a common rat, he is now Polaris’ tactician. He appears to be stoic on surface much like every Star Warrior “should.” His weapon of choice is his rapier. He can be a very commanding presence despite his size.

Anthrax holds a tragic past he keeps secluded from everyone, but lately his emotions are starting to flourish.

Anthrax’s arcane power is his ability to utilize all seven elements of creation. Although he doesn’t seem to have a good control over it for some reason.

When he ascended he was called Weil by Savra, he and Skepsi a cat from his past used to be the best of friends until the tragic event.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 2 – Defective

Savra is a green blue lizard dual colored Star Warrior, Savra used to be the god in charge of Polaris.

Savra likes to fix “broken Star Warriors” any emotions or out of the normal elements of the Star Warrior is something he sees as a defect in a Star Warrior.

Savra’s weapon of choice is his bardiche.

Savra’s god power is unknown.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 4 – Arrival

Ezmeralda is a green vixen Star Warrior, a recently ascended Star Warrior who just got their color.

Ezmeralda is a hybrid of a fox and a human, she is missing her right arm but it is replaced by a powerful arm canon. She wields green cosmic markings around her face and close to her missing arm.

Ezmeralda is under suspicion of being associated with dark matter and tampering with her own trial wish. The only witnesses of this seems to be Weaver and Anthrax.

Ezmeralda’s element is Thunder.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 5 – Respect

Weaver is a human white Star Warrior, no faction assigned yet.

Weaver used to be a proficient blogger on the internet until she was murdered brutally. Weaver is very laid back and has little regard for taking things seriously, which is why she was assigned to be Anthrax’s pupil.

Even if Weaver doesn’t care for many things, she does care for the emotions of others, just like she did with Anthrax recently.

Weaver has no element yet, but she has a cool phone.

Sylvain Hart

First appearance: Ch4 Page 8 – Smile

Sylvain is a yellow bat Star Warrior, she is the investigator for Polaris and arcane Star Warrior XIX.

Sylvain is always a very cheerful bat, at least on the surface. She always wears a smile around everyone. She keeps her wings wrapped around her body because of the death marks imprinted on them. Sylvain loves to dance when possible.

Sylvain’s arcane power is unknown.

Stella Major

First appearance: Ch4 Page 9 – The Council

Goddess of the stars, also known as the star that shines the brightest at night. Ruler of the cosmos,the current goddess of Polaris, and arcane Star Warrior XX.

Stella major wears a cloak that almost resembles the color of the cosmos and her weapon of choice, a glowing scythe.

Stella Major has long surveyed the cosmos in a lifetime that spans through millennia. All decisions from the Star Warriors go through her. All mortal ascensions go through her as well, seemingly.

She always leads the arcane council discussions.

Stella’s arcane power is not known.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 9 – The Council

Endymion is purple humanoid arcane Star Warrior XVIII,

Endymion loves to mock others with nicknames as a sign of friendship, he even comes up with inventive insults of his own. Endymion has a crown of 8 eyes on his face.

Endymion has a fascination for secrets and occult information, he has even shown interest in how the dark matter works in the past.

Endymion’s arcane power is not known.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 11 – Claw

Rubiline is a red human Star Warrior of the Gladius faction, he used to be the elite but he has stepped down since the last trial.

Rubiline is the type of Star Warrior that has a tough time making decisions and often lets himself be led by others instead, he follows cosmic missions letter by letter.

Rubiline’s element is fire.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 12 – The Vote

They are a purple red dual colored humanoid Star Warrior with both a wide array of offensive and defensive abilities.

Anthy used to be Anthrax’s friend, and he seems to be the source of many things for Anthrax. He is currently missing.

Anthy’s power is not known.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 13 – A Chance

Azure is a blue human ace Star Warrior of the Virgula faction.

Azure has a heavy accent whenever he speaks, he also loves his farming or agriculture metaphors. Azure is always looking for something to do and keeps busy often, he may have eternity now, but it isn’t a reason to be a slacker. Usually tries to cheer his friends by joking about hardships.

Azure’s element is wind.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 13 – A Chance

Ezekiel is blue human arcane Star Warrior I.

Ezekiel is someone who likes to stick to the more logical ways to approach problems. He always loves a mental challenge. However he is open to have his thoughts challenged.

Ezekiel’s arcane power is not known.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 14 – Remember This

Gaia is arcane Star Warrior VI, she always takes care of sick Star Warriors in Polaris.

Gaia always has an interest in Star Warriors with strange illnesses, she sees eradicating these as a fun challenge to overcome, discovering them can help many others.

Gaia’s arcane power is not known.

Queen Erine

First appearance: Ch4 Page 14 – Remember This

Queen Erine is a orange fairy arcane Star Warrior, she is the combat teacher of Polaris.

Queen Erine was executed in her world, she was one of the season fairies in her world. She likes to educate other Star Warriors. While she is able to fly, she is not exactly using her wings.

Queen Erine’s arcane power is not known.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 22 – To Return

Miracle is a yellow Vixen Star Warrior.

Power unknown, intentions unknown.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 24 – Master

Skepsi was a blue cat Star Warrior, Weil’s brother and friend.

Skepsi used to mentor and aid his friend Weil with anything he needed at the time. He would even protect Weil as much as possible. They would play together hidden from Savra’s prescence and truly feel like family together. His dream was to travel the cosmos together.

Skepsi’s element was light.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 29 – My Friends, My Family

Aqua is a human blue purple dual colored Star Warrior, she used to manage the library.

Aqua has a thirst for knowledge, even if she is very protective of it, she likes to share information that people also crave for.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 29 – My Friends, My Family

Alpheratz is a orange angel Star Warrior, he used to train Weil.

He is an individual that likes to see people stand up for themselves, he helped Weil and his friends escape prison in Polaris once.

Alpheratz’s element is water.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 40 – Stylourgia

Skipper is a yellow bunny Star Warrior, he was Weil’s call neighbour.

He and Weil shared a mutual passion for the cosmic weapon Stylourgia, a legendary sword. Skipper seems to be one of the shy types when it comes to meeting new people.


First appearance?: Ch5 Page 6 – Masked

Strange human lady wearing a bunny mask, they seem to be friends with Anthrax and company.


First appearance: Ch5 Page 8 – Fawn

A fawn that appeared when Anthrax’s team arrived, they have a wish that the group is going to attempt to grant. Fawns are able to see the other Star Warriors thanks to their special vision.


First appearance: Ch5 Page 9 – Dusk

Mauve is a purple human-reptile hyrbid Star Warrior, seemingly a follower of lord omicron.

Mauve and Matryo are collecting stardust in crimson forest for their personal means.

Mauve’s element is unknown


First appearance: Ch5 Page 10 – Ambush

Matyro is a purple Star Warrior, seemingly a follower of lord Omicron.

Matryo has the power to cancel the elements of other Star Warriors she comes in contact with. She and Mauve seem to be collecting stardust for themselves.

Matryo’s element is unknown.


First appearance: Ch5 Page 27 – Mer-goat

A mer-goat who was thought to be dead, but was instead looking for answers for his friend Emelica. Saphreo is a mer-goat suffering from a disorder called Varinversus.


First appearance: Ch5 Page 30 – Divine Intervention

They are a blue purple dual colored mer-goat Star Warrior who seems to have a warm and welcome attitude.

Denny helped Anthrax and his friends and welcomed them into her home in the past.

Denny has the power to become one with the elements.

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The following characters are cameos that appear in the story.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 21 – Rumors

Jolly is a yellow kangaroo dragon Star Warrior, member of the virgula faction.

Jolly loves being a trickster, but when it comes to help on wish granting, she is as she calls it “the great detective” of the group. She has a great ability to perceive the small details.

Jolly’s element is Darkness.

Jolly is created by GigabyteDragon.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 21 – Rumors

Novaura is a purple sphinx Star Warrior, member of the virgula faction.

Novaura has a cold personality and doesn’t show much empathy for others, that is in public. On the inside he is someone who does seek affection now and then, he used to be loved by someone close.

Novaura’s element is Wind.

Novaura is created by ArtemisAbsol.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 22 – To Return

Sparky is a yellow tiger Star Warrior, he is one of the guards near Stella Major’s room.

Sparky is a rather strong looking Star Warrior, but he has a soft side. He likes to take care of his friends and those he deems important.

Sparky’s element is thunder.

Sparky is created by Cade.


First appearance: Ch4 Page 23 – Memories

Cotton is a blue squirrel Star Warrior, member of the virgula faction. He is a counsellor for Polaris.

Cotton was ascended by Anthrax and is his pupil, Cotton’s power is to make anything he wants grow or shrink in size, the closer they are, the easier it is to keep in the desired size.

Cotton’s element is light.

Cotton is created by Hally(Xilrayne)