My buffer is very low and I need to fill it up again. I try to operate off a 2 month buffer, which I should be able to refill by the end of September. Technically I could post pages right now, but that runs a high risk of emptying the buffer which stresses me out and causes technical issues. More importantly, a buffer lets me make minor edits to pages if something needs changing.

Other than the buffer, this month is loaded with events and administrative work:

  • I am vending for Cozycon 2020 September 19th-20th.
  • Potential Chilean holiday celebrations with family September 18th.
  • Multiple birthdays to celebrate this month including my own. (Mine is Sept 25th if you wanted to know ^^)
  • My new online store needs love and care.
  • I am looking to host my comic on Webtoonz.
  • General Star Warriors website updates such as character profiles.
  • Our Discord needs some polish. Though this may happen later.
  • My Patreon needs consideration and new art.
  • And many more…busy month!

As icing on the cake I got a new computer from my friends and fans of Star Warriors! You can read all about it here. You guys are amazing! This does mean however that I have to get used to using the new PC. I just recently finished transferring all my data that I need to work on comics so things are speeding up.

What about Patreon?

Patreon rewards are all still maintained except for beta page updates, page downloads and page WIPs.

Are you still taking commissions?

Even though I am no longer in debt, I am still taking commissions but only during Twitch commission streams. I will not be taking commissions via direct message or email anymore. Iā€™m in a better spot than I was before! Thank you everyone who commissioned me and also everyone who gave me tips too. ^^ You really helped me out.

Thank you all for your understanding

Best wishes!