Today’s guest art was made by Caytlin and Metajoker! They made a really nice and heartwarming comic page including characters from Tamberlane and it’s amazing! You should all definitely read Tamberlane as well

To check out more of Caytlin’s work, check out these links!

And to check out Meta’s work, look at these links!

Caytlin and Meta, you guys are incredible, thank you so very much for your guest art! I’m proud to be a part of Foxglove comics and to be your friend 😀

I’m finally starting unboxing at the new house, however we were met with all sorts of complications in the new house. We needed to get plumbing done, we needed to fumigate for pests and there are a ton of mosquitos here. It’s rather frustrating to have to deal with all this stuff when I just really want to get back into drawing again. Thankfully, things seem to be coming to a close, hopefully I can be in a more stable position soon.