UPDATE (1/3/2023): Another update! Please read this news post to get caught up on everything going on. We are applying page updates live for patrons over at the Foxglove Comics Discord Server. We would love it if as many people as possible come to watch!

UPDATE (10/21/2022):
Please read this news post to get caught up on everything going on. It’s super important and covers our progress in bringing you new pages!

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well.


Scott here.

I know we have had quite a long break for the comic so far, but Gunny and I have been working very hard on the story. I’ve been laying out all the lore and info of Star Warriors to Gunny and well… oh my god it’s a lot!

There are 60+ characters to keep track of for starters, and many of them take hours to discuss. That doesn’t even include locations, future plots, or my many other ideas! We’re writing everything down to keep things organized and it has helped immensely.

It’s going to take a bit more time to catch up before we can resume posting pages. We promise it’s worth the wait! We hope to resume page work sometime this month. Gunny has a busy September and I am just now recovering from my previously mentioned IRL issues in August. I’m getting myself ready to explain what happened… hopefully communicating it will help with understanding why I needed this break.


Gunny here!

It’s been a pleasure working with Scott on Star Warriors. Together we are raising the bar further than either of us could have hoped. With that lofty goal in mind, it takes time to fold in a new writer. Especially with literally years of work already done for the webcomic. I could not be more thankful for your patience so far while we figure things out and get used to our new workflows.

Scott is so eager to share everything. My poor little bat brain is getting full lol. It doesn’t help that we keep getting side tracked coming up with new ideas and scenarios. Things are clicking so well as I help to polish things up. We’re so excited to dive in to new pages!


Thank you all for your patience and continued support! -Scott & Gunny