-Don’t fall like the falling star you search for…-

Support the Kickstarter here if you like books! kck.st/1Uin0Xo


Some of you may remember my “The Originality in Fanwork” article post a few months ago. This project is the perfect example of what I meant with it.

The Wayward Astronomer is a literary work that takes place in the world of Dreamkeepers, the book and story are so good that the creator of Dreamkeepers himself (David Lillie) jumped in to help the author of The Wayward Astronomer (Geoff Licciardello, who is also one of my patrons for Starwarriors!) to kickstart this into an awesome book.

I truthfully believe that we can do great things with fanwork, I guess this is also why I made Starwarriors the way it is. I like the idea of crossovers and working a story in a universe so large, I think I can reach out to most worlds and stories and that thought alone is just fantastic.

Once again, go support the book on kickstarter!It’s already funded, but we can reach some stretch goals!! Even if you are not a fan of Dreamkeepers, the story promises to keep you hooked all the way.