You have entered the abandoned room of Polaris, the room has been abandoned for a while. Crystal pieces are scattered on the floor, slashed along the crystal walls can also be seen here. The whereabouts of the Starwarrior that stayed here are unknown, it doesn’t really matter. There is not much to this room, just a bed and a knowledge panel resting atop of it as if it was calling out for you, as if it were destiny.

As you pick up the book, you realize that your cosmic markings turn dark. In fear you pull your hand away… signs of the dark matter! But something about it made you curious… how could this panel turn you into one of them? Only by being corrupted by Dark Matter directly can one really fall into darkness…

Could knowledge really be that powerful?

You place your hand on top of a knowledge panel once more, it glows as you sense it’s warmth surrounds your hand, time seems to stop around you as you feel your mind awaken. Your senses begin to hear a faint essence from within.

“Long have I explored and traveled the cosmos with my good friend, long have I mourned over her obliteration. All for protecting this place… forsaken to fall… my friend was killed by her own brothers and sisters… who would’ve known the gods would rid themselves this way? Where is Celestial now when we need her most?! Why has our so called savior of the universe forsaken us?!!

One of Celestial’s children hide in Polaris, this I heard well… and I am going to find whoever they are. I’ve searched all over Polaris, but I can feel their presence here, in this entire place… I am not seeking to avenge my dearest… she showed me the truth when she died… Nothing matters at all, it’s all doomed to end anyway. Our so called eternity is also doomed.

I shall bring a swift end to the universe, I renounce my current position… time to disappear…

– Arcane XV, Lord Omicron

You quickly toss the book away in fear, your cosmic markings stop shining, you feel weak as dread crawls upon your soul. There was no way that this book belonged to THE Omicron. He used to reside in Polaris?

It’s maybe best you try again tomorrow to clean up this mess of a room for the new Starwarrior… maybe by then the book will be gone by any means possible, at least you hope.

Maybe you can tell this to Stella Major, or maybe the Starwarrior that will be staying here… Ezmeralda was her name you recall. Needless to say, you want NOTHING to do with this.

There may be many lives, but there is only one eternity. One mistake, and you cease to exist, that’s too much to even think about at this point.

but you still beg to ask… what EXACTLY is in that book?

A journal?

A plan?

Why do you even care anymore?

Lord Omicron is not someone you want to think about right now.

But that name… Andromeda, you’ve NEVER heard of any Starwarrior named that way, but who is this friend… a creator? Did he mean his ascendant? What is his NAME?