Written and drawn by Scott, a dorky Canadian dragon.
Co-written and produced by Gunny Waffle, the best fluff bat.
They also have wonderful friends helping them out:

Quality assurance provided by YotaXP, in a “get along” shirt with Gunny Waffle and SuperDS64.
General artistic guidance provided by Zach Seligson, dorkus potoo.
Beta review by Beta tier patrons!

­Star Warriors is about wishes and how cosmic beings protect them in their afterlife.

Countless stars fill the cosmos, each formed by a wish from a mortal heart. They serve a purpose, one that keeps our universe safe. Without them, the Dark Matter would tear our universe asunder. Star Warriors protect these wishes from such vile beings, working hard to make your wishes come true, at the price of their chance to be reborn. What does it mean to grant a wish? How are conflicting wishes resolved? It’s a hard job that they do their best to serve.

Ezmeralda is the newest Star Warrior to call Polaris her home. Her passion for others’ wishes knows no bounds, whereas Anthrax is more stoic as one of her superiors. They are but a few that fight against corrupted Star Warriors that forego their duties for more selfish desires.

Rated PG-13 for blood, swearing, existential crisis and death


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