Starwarriors is a webcomic about how our wishes influence the universe and a chosen afterlife of servitude to the stars.
From each corner of the cosmos, we roam without rest.
Yet none are as restless as I. I am Stella Major, goddess of the stars.
Perhaps you know me as “The Wishing Star”Fitting, but I am no entity, but a wish. One your god has made for you all.He desired that those whose hearts yearn, shall be satisfied.Perhaps you think this as a curse for me?
That I am cursed for even the most vile of wishes?

Alas, you are mistaken. I willl obligue with no heavy heart.
Even those that seem impossible I shall gladly aide.

Wishes, no matter how well founded in inspiration or hope, are fragile…
But we will protect every wish no matter how small.Would you seek health? It is yours.
Seek you the blood of your neighbour? Even to this we are bound.

But be warned.
Those who host such vile desires will find them difficult to achieve, for such do not come from the heart.

When a mortal loses hope on a wish it fades and becomes a black hole.
Dark holes absorb the wishes of others and crushes them.Not only are the wishes lost forever, but forces from the outside of the universe invade.
The stars are the only protection our galaxy has against the “Dark Matter”

The Dark Matter also poison stars from afar, so that they may implode and and become black holes. The weaker your wish is, the easier it is to taint.

Indeed vile wishes are weak. Know, that though we are bound to make your wish a reality, we despise your kind. Every vile wish you make, the closer the Dark Matter comes to plunging our world into desolation.

The Dark Matter is a fierce foe, but…

I need help to fight against the Dark Matter.
And black holes have become more prevalent.
To seek the protection of the million of wishes of the world, I summon…The Starwarriors!
After death, mortals are allowed to rest peacefully before they begin their life anew.The Starwarriors are such mortals who have gave up their own reincarnation to serve the stars for all eternity.

They are the souls of their last mortal life, and so they retain their mortal form.
But not before they are healed and purified with the power granted to them by the cosmos.

Indeed, a Starwarrior could be anyone, from a simple farmer to a revered astronaught. From a lowly animal to a powerful leader. From a rebel of society to a fighter of the greater good.

Even YOU could be a Starwarrior.

Despite that a Starwarrior can live forever, if a Starwarrior is too attached to their mortal binds or if they fall to their deepest sin, the cosmos within my warriors will fade.

The cosmos are gone and the Starwarriors are lost within the darkness that is the Dark Matter.
And if the Starwarriors’ cosmos are taken entirely… they shall cease to exist, and there is no reincarnation waiting, there is nothing but void.

I pray that my Starwarriors don’t fall victim to the sins of the world.

We follow one of these brave Starwarriors and learn about this strange afterlife beyond the stars. But not only will we get to know about the cosmos through her eyes, but the ever looming darkness that threatens the universe will be known as well… but in due time.