Note: Character descriptions here may contain important spoilers, if you are not caught up with Ezmeralda’s arc (Chapter 0 1 2 3) it’s recomended you finish up to chapter 3 first.

For first appearance character tagging I don’t count:

  • Cover pages.
  • Short flashbacks.
  • Pages where the character is darkened or a silhouette.
    • Except silhouettes that interact with the character.


First appearance: Ch0 Page 4 – Nurturing Wishes


Ezmeralda is a green Star Warrior, leader of her team and the captain of all the Star Warriors.

Ezmeralda is a hybrid of a fox and a human, she is missing her right arm but it is replaced by a powerful arm canon. She wields green cosmic markings around her face and close to her missing arm.

Calm and understanding, Ezmeralda shows true leadership at the face of darkness, and she will face anything to grant the wishes of the world. She considers listening to the wishes of others her pastime despite having the option to relax, then again, she thinks it is rather relaxing.

She has a strong will and a golden heart, but she is easily angered and can lose her temper. Although, she is calm in her ways when not angry, rapid and precise in combat and also led by her animal instincts.

We follow the story of her past and learn how she became who she is today, she initially is more indifferent towards humans and holds an inner grudge.

Ezmeralda’s element is Thunder.


First appearance?: Ch1 Page 29 – Your Name


Azure is a Blue Ace Star Warrior of the Virgula faction.

Azure has a heavy accent whenever he speaks, he also loves his farming or agriculture metaphors. Azure is always looking for something to do and keeps busy often, he may have eternity now, but it isn’t a reason to be a slacker. Usually tries to cheer his friends by joking about hardships.

Azure’s element is air and his power is teleportation.


First appearance: Ch1 Page 30 – Opposition


Rubiline is a Red Elite Star Warrior of the Gladius faction.

Rubiline used to be the old leader of the team Azure belongs to before Ezmeralda took his place. Rubiline is the type of Star Warrior that has a tough time making decisions and often lets himself be led by others instead, he follows cosmic missions letter by letter.

Rubiline’s element is fire.


First appearance: Ch3 Page 7 – Granting Wishes

Anthrax is Arcane Star Warrior XIV

Anthrax used to be a common rat, he is now Polaris’ tactician. He appears to be stoic on surface much like every Star Warrior “should.” His weapon of choice is his rapier. He can be a very commanding presence despite his size.

Anthrax’s element is water.


First appearance: Ch3 Page 7 – Granting Wishes

Weaver is a white Star Warrior, no faction assigned yet.

Weaver used to be a proficient blogger on the internet until she was murdered brutally. Weaver is very laid back and has little regard for taking things seriously, which is why she was assigned to be Anthrax’s pupil.

Weaver’s element is ???

Stella Major

First appearance: Ch1 Page 13 – Rise


Goddess of the stars, also known as the star that shines the brightest at night. Ruler of the cosmos.

Stella major wears a cloak that almost resembles the color of the cosmos and her weapon of choice, a glowing scythe.

Stella Major has long surveyed the cosmos in a lifetime that spans through millennia. All decisions from the Star Warriors go through her. All mortal ascensions go through her as well. She is the only one in the cosmos that is above Ezmeralda’s rank of captain.

Not much else is known.


First appearance: Ch2 Page 8 – No Pain

Doradis is a Yellow Star Warrior

Deceased mother of Emmy (Ezmeralda.) Intentions are unknown, power is unknown.

Possibly sided with the Dark Matter.


First appearance: Ch0 Page 7 – Little Rebel


Mortal father of Ezmeralda (formally known as Emmy Aister.)

Ares is a part of the group of foxes led by his brother Corvus. Ares lost his mate some time ago in an incident with human hunters. Ares took a rather soft and protective role after the death of her mate all in favor to care for his daughter, Emmy. Sadly, Emmy also dies in an incident with some hunters raiding their cavern.

Ares can be controlling and demanding, Ares also takes vengeance seriously and tends to end up making more enemies than friends. He is not much of a believer like her daughter or mother and chooses to take facts into account for all his actions.


First appearance: Ch0 Page 7 – Little Rebel


Brother of Ares.

Corvus became the alpha male of the small group of foxes that is his family right after Ares’ mate died in an incident with human hunters. Corvus has tried ever since to maintain a position of authority that ends up being rather frightening, but the truth is that he is hiding his own feelings through his forced aggression.


First appearance?: Ch2 Page 8 – No Pain

Intentions unknown.

They are a dual colored Starwarrior with both a wide array of offense and defense abilities. Was controlling Ezmeralda unnoticed… until now.

???? ???????