Fan Art

Here is a large collection of Fanart (and some commissions) of other artists of Star Warriors characters!

If you want to see your art featured in this page feel free to send me your work at and I will add it!

Guest Art

This is the guest art that my readers and friends have made for me that was featured in Starwarriors for the moments I couldn’t submit pages. Thank you all once again! (All comments are kept the same as they appeared on the page submission)

“Valentines 2 Electric Boogaloo” by Guest Artist: Xilrayne (Hally)


“So, since Anthrax is the only other rodent that Cotton actually knows about, he tends to try and stick a bit closer to them. He likes the one who revived him quite a bit, unfortunately Weaver knows it and likes to torment the little guy a bit too often. And he’s easy to torment.” -Xilrayne (+18 Content Warning!)

This is a pretty cute comic based on the one Bonus Comic page I made last month, their Starwarrior OC is also adorable. I hope everyone had a happy valentine’s day! – Scott

“A Regretful Wish” by Guest Artist: Zach Seligson


“Some hands are just not meant to be dealt.” -Zach Seligson

I really love this piece Zach made! It’s also a nice illustration on the events of chapter 0. It’s currently my wallpaper too, it’s very well done! Check it out on DeviantArt as well!

“I wish, I wish…” by Guest Artist: Stratica


“I made this dumb comic for scott cuz i was bored, and put zach in it because he gets no say. I love drawing dumb things so i had fun with this one. Thanks to scott for discussing the idea of this one with me!” -Stratica

Oh boy, I guess this was sort of inevitable. All these expressions are really fun, thank you so much Strats!

“Lost in Transition” by Guest Artist: Chris Sketch & Jurd


“To be fair, for a guest comic, I felt it worked well considering I have wanted to make the gag happen ever since hearing the idea of stella using passive agreesive sticky notes. I also feel thankful for JurdGaners help on the text edits.” -Chris Sketch

“It was an honor to work with Chris. Not only are good ideas necessary to create good comics, fine-tuning details and editing go a long way in story-crafting.” -Jurd

This is a very charming one actually, the thought of Ezmeralda’s mother sending messages just to see how she is doing is very endearing. It’s a shame that light-speed travels can burn your message, whoops! -Scott

“Stay Warm This Winter” by Guest Artist: FangirlAlly


“It was extremely fun to work on this! When I read the comic, I always wondered how Ezzy stayed warm staying in the snow with just shorts on, hence where the idea came from. Thanks again so much Scott for the opportunity!” -Ally

This is a very cute page! The snow effects are really nice too. I especially like how their starwarrior OC, Sunrise is using her cosmic power to warm up Ezmeralda… she may not feel cold, but she can certainly feel starwarrior powers! This was super nice. And do stay warm this winter! -Scott

“Starwarriors Arrive” by Guest Artist: Neyola/Thelordoflemonz


“A small picture I wanted to do for Scott to show my support of his comic” – Neyola

It’s very nice to see the three of them together like this! Also I’m happy that more people have been wanting to draw Azure and some of the other human characters. -Scott

“Full Metal Star Warrior” by Guest Artist: Zionus


“After losing her mother, Emmy tries to bring her back using a taboo ancient art: Alchemy. However, the attempt results in the loss of her arm. The poor young fox, not learning her lesson, tries to regain her limb and in the process loses her life, becoming the Star Warrior Ezmeralda! This is the story of the Full Metal Star Warrior! No but really, I found it funny that Ezmeralda and Edward Elric of FMA fame both lost their right arms, and thought it would be cool if Ezzy could get a prosthetic, Automail arm. Maybe she can borrow Ed’s for a bit…oh wait, looks like she already took it. Oops!” – Zionus

I like seeing cool crossover ideas happen like this one happen, it’s like Ezmeralda pulling off a cool cosplay. Ezmeralda sure looks really cool with a bionic arm… I wonder what kind of abilities she would have… Endless possibilities! -Scott

“Starwarriors Group 2018” by Guest Artist: Drooken


“A gift for this wonderful community and a wonderful comic series. Let all us warrior large and small, new and old, continue to prosper and protect the hopes and wishes of everyone. I was happy to make this picture for those I’ve known and willing to do it again in the future for those who missed out on it. Rubiline: do we have the time to take a group photo like this?

Ezmeralda: I find it’s important to have unity for all the warriors that have been here

Azure: Too bad Stella couldnt be in here with us

Anthrax: She is doing important business with the counsel at this moment, we shouldnt bother her as of now with this

Weaver: hehe, this will make a nice wallpaper for my phone, now everyone, say cheese.” – – Drooken

Guest – Ezmeralda all wrapped up by Heyupyoursjr


This is a pre-drafted post, if you are reading this, I am currently resting from my surgery yesterday.

I want to give a special thanks to Heyupyoursjr for contributing with a guest page so that I can rest ^^

Here we have Anthrax preparing Ezmeralda for the upcoming Halloween. I’m not sure if Ezmeralda asked to be a mummy this year, but Anthrax wanted to help!

We still have another guest page next week in order for me to recover from the surgery.

Guest – Ezmeralda’s Wish by Southpaw Fox


Ezmerelda’s didn’t get to become an alpha female while she was alive. But after her wish was finally granted, there’s now an alpha female in the family.

I am still resting from my surgery last week, but I am doing better now thankfully ^^

I want to give a special thanks to Southpaw Fox for contributing with a guest page so that I can rest from the surgery.

Here we see Ezmeralda looking at her family after a long time, seeing how her previous inspiration has inspired others to follow their dreams too. It makes her very happy as well.